Battlefield of Richmond 2016

Central Kentucky Amateur Radio Society presents a Special Event

Location: Battlefield of Richmond (Richmond, KY)

Date: August 27, 2016

Operating Time: 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. (EDST)

Operating Frequencies:

  • 40m -- near or at 7.242 or 7.228 mghz

  • 20m -- near or at 14.242 or 14.228 mghz

For your information, each late August reenactors arrive at the battle field site to commemorate the original battle fought on August 29-30, 1862, just south of Richmond, KY, and then ending eventually in Richmond on the site of the old cemetery in the center of town.This Battle of Richmond, KY, was the second largest Civil War battle in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and is considered by most Civil War historians as one of, if not the most complete victory one side had over the other during the entire war. Confederate forces led by Major General Edmund Kirby Smith routed the Union troops led by Major General “Bull” Nelson with nearly 85 percent of the Union troops either killed, wounded, or captured.

You can download the certificate in the link below for this contact and fill in the basic information (in Word), and/or send a card SASE to KE4YVD (information is on QRZ) and we will send you a QSL card back confirming your contact today.